The Origin of a "ReBoot" and the meaning of the "ReBootOurLives" slogan

The origin of the term "ReBoot" pre-dates the ubiquitous current meaning of "closing and starting" a computer by several centuries.

The use of term "ReBoot" can be traced back to the mid-1800s and the "Gold Rush" when many people headed West with the hopes of getting rich.

But most were unsuccessful in finding Gold and had to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps and move forward" and establish a new beginning in their lives.

"ReBootOurLives" is an updated witty slogan that means as we all experience life-changing events we need to refresh or make a change in our lives to establish a new beginning and move forward.

As we "ReBootOurLives" we all need support from our family, friends, counselors, etc.

Fortunately, specially trained dogs such as therapy dogs or service dogs can been used to help cope with life's many "ReBoots".

So we thought it would be a worthy cause to couple our "ReBootOurLives" slogan with "cute" dogs on apparel and other fun collectible items to help many cope with these life-changing events.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we did creating them.!!!

Bark. Bark