The Origin of the term "ReBoot" and the meaning of the "ReBootOurLives" slogan

A "Reboot" is actually a centuries old term that meant: "in tough times, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and move forward".

"ReBootOurLives" is an updated witty slogan that means as we all experience life-changing events we need to "refresh or make a change in our lives in order to establish a new beginning to move forward"..

As we "ReBootOurLives" we all need support from our family, friends, counselors, etc.  

But there is a growing source of support that has four legs as Dogs provide unconditional comfort and support that is sorely needed in a "ReBoot".

Indeed Hospitals, especially Children's Cancer Hospitals, have Dog Therapy Programs to help the children and their families cope with the anxiety by providing a necessary distraction and  "smile" on their faces.

So we thought that it would be a worthy cause to couple the "ReBootOurLives" slogan with "cute" dogs on apparel and other fun collectible items to provide some "joy" to the children and their families.

In addition, we will donate 10% of the gross sales from this website to Children's Cancer Hospitals to allow them to continue their ground-breaking research.

We hope you enjoy this website as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Bark, Bark!!!